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Corporate Team Building

Enhance your team's productivity and well-being with our Corporate Wellness Package. Designed to provide a valuable shared experience that prioritizes the physical, mental and emotional health of your team.


Thrive Wellness Package

Duration 3 hours


  • Yoga class. (Suitable to all levels)

  • Guided Sauna and Ice bath session with mindful breathing exercises

Ideal For: Corporate teams up to 15 people (larger groups can book multiple sessions, please contact to arrange.)

Price: $999

Boost your teams morale and health with a unique wellness retreat.

Wellness Activities 


Yoga class

Discover a variety of yoga styles tailored for your team-building adventure. Whether your team seeks a calming, rejuvenating session or craves a dynamic, strength-enhancing experience, we have options to cater to all preferences. Our classes are suitable for all levels, so no worries if you're new to yoga!


Guided Sauna and Ice

Our guided sauna session designed to equip your team with practical breathing techniques for stress management, nervous system regulation, and inner peace. The session includes three rounds lasting between 10 to 15 minutes each. Enjoy steam aromatherapy to deepen relaxation, and intermittent cold therapy breaks for rejuvenation

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